Who is David MacLean?

David MacLean is the man behind Wholehearted Leaders. He is an insightful thinker, creative communicator and engaging storyteller who connects with people by speaking to and from the heart. Drawing on his experiences as an entrepreneur, husband, father, philanthropist and world traveler, David’s intention is to inspire, encourage, equip, and engage you to lead and live on purpose to create a lasting legacy.


David’s life experiences enable him to speak to your group on the topics of leadership, marketing and social consciousness. In regard to leadership, David’s primary area of focus is personal leadership – the most difficult person you will ever lead is yourself. How you lead yourself impacts every area of your professional and personal life.

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A Hull of a Leader


Do you think humility is a powerful leadership trait? I know many people would say “no”. Leaders need to be bold, strong, assertive, decisive, confident, wise, determined, etc.  “Humble” probably wouldn’t fit the most frequent responses to a Family Feud survey question.  “Top 5 responses to ‘What are the most important traits of a leader?’  Survey says…” Not likely “humility”. …

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Wholehearted Leaders


Leadership is a great privilege.  Leadership is a great gift.  Leadership is also a great decision. We are all leaders is some shape or form – the difference is the sphere of influence and authority in which we move.  There are various spheres of leadership in life:  personal, family, business/organizational and government.  Good leadership always begins with personal leadership.  All …

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Leading and Living on Purpose.