Here is what people have had to say about David:

Howard Harmatz – Department of Business Administration, Asper School of Business

“Your keynote address was marvelous!  You achieved an audience engagement across the student and faculty advisor spectra. The three pillars you stressed went beyond the single mantra of passion so many speakers stress.  A week later students were talking about what they heard.  In particular, the team building aspects of humility animated discussion of what real leadership entails.  The energy and clarity brought into the performance made it an artful experience.”

Sonja Nordman – VP Student Resources  UBC Okanagan MSA

“Dave’s keynote speech was so captivating that you could here a pin drop in the room of 200 people. Extremely inspirational for a group of future leaders. There is no doubt in my mind that the values that he instilled in myself as well as others will be reflected in the way we live our lives from this moment on. You’ve gotta have HEART”

Juliana Silva – Vice-President of Marketing, Manitoba International Marketing Competition

“From the early stages of making arrangements for our conference with David up to the very end of the event, David always encouraged, motivated, and taught the student committee meaningful lessons. He is a true leader who lives out his calling with passion and courage. It is very hard to transmit the same message that keeps an audience of both young people and corporate representatives engaged, but he got everyone’s full attention. Furthermore, he connects with the audience with humour and transmits valuable lessons with clarity. Even after finishing the speech, people crowded around him to learn more from his knowledge. It was truly an honour to hear and work with David Maclean.”

Ken Tucker – CEO, Disaster Kleenup Canada

“I asked David to provide the opening key-note address for our annual national conference.  David worked with me not only to set the stage for his address but to plan the whole theme of the conference, based on his presentation “Rallying the Troops”, and helped us work through a number of key details beforehand to make the kind of impact I was looking for.  And what an impact David made – he hit it out of the park.  Our members had never seen a presentation like it before.  David’s energy, whit, presence and passion captivated the audience, and his content provided leadership learning’s they could immediately apply to their businesses.  We loved his opening of the conference so much that we asked him to close the conference too.   If you want to provide a powerfully engaging, equipping and memorable presentation to help your people lead better then hire David MacLean – I’m glad we did.”

Mark Springer – President, Montana DKI

“Over the course of my professional career, I have had the privilege of sitting under and hearing some of the greatest speakers, teachers, and presenters in the world. It is rare to find someone who can convey more than just a polished idea, but a message that inspires deep reflection and connection with the concepts being communicated. David MacLean is a master communicator who both inspires and connects his message to the audience. I have had the pleasure of listening to David speak and also participate in sessions he has facilitated on several occasions. While I appreciate David’s speaking gifts, I also appreciate his humility and sense of humor, both traits that further accentuate his abilities as a presenter.”

Danielle Scheven – 4th year UBCO Faculty of Management

“David MacLean sets himself apart from other motivational speakers by not only telling you what can help you succeed, but how to achieve it. I left David’s presentation feeling empowered, confident, and excited to see where my life will take me next. David is energized and inspiring; a “must see” for all who want to live their life with heart.”

Nico Montemayor – Asper School of Business, Vice-President of Sponsorship MIMC Committee

“Be different or Be Dead? Really? Really. For a 30 minutes speech, it was really… really… heartfelt. From hugs to jokes to lessons, David really brought it all together. Going far-far outside the box and entertaining us while doing so, he really just made us all want to follow him. Follow him and absorb his lessons to do great and to be different. 1. Passion  2. Courage  3. Humility –  Three simple and powerful concepts. Three tools for success. David didn’t just lecture and entertain us during that speech, he really found away for us to hear him out and really learn about these 3 concepts. I would definitely set aside some time to sit down to hear and see what David has to say. It’ll be different and it’ll make you different.”

Tim Shields – Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Inspector

“David MacLean is a passionate, compelling and powerful public speaker. He teaches from the heart with courage, conviction and a wealth of life experience that he uses as examples to make his messages come alive. Even listeners with the shortest of attention spans will not have time to daydream. David MacLean is the most highly gifted teacher I have ever had the privilege to know. His presentation helped change my life.”

Felicity Johnson – Faculty of Mangement UBCO

“When David MacLean was introduced by one of the evening’s emcees as having the energy of 100 Red Bulls, I thought no way. But this was absolutely true! I was recently fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear David speak at the UBC – Okanagan Campus Management Student Association Gala.  His high-energy presentation style immediately captured the audience’s attention, but what really kept my focus were his outstanding messages – in particular, “Be Different or Be Dead” and HEART (Humility, Empathy, Authenticity, Risk, and Tenacity). These are seemingly simple concepts that David has instilled so much meaning behind.  He exemplifies a wealth of knowledge and as a university student with still so much more to learn it was very humbling to hear him speak. I would highly recommend David as a speaker to any individual or group of people to promote passion, leadership, courage, motivation, and much more.”

John White – CEO, Winmar Property Restoration

“David spoke at our 2011 National Conference and did a fabulous job.  David’s presentation was very relevant and well-received by our members from across Canada.  His message was one that is much needed by our people and I am quite confident his fantastic presentation ensured our members got the message – “Be Different or Be Dead!” “

Phil Rosebrook – Vice President, Business Mentors

“Business Mentors has worked with David MacLean on several occasions as a presenter for our events.  David is a great presenter and has a unique, entertaining and upbeat presentation style.  He has the ability to carry a room and keep the audience engaged.  The content of David’s presentations is relevant, topical and current.   I highly recommend David as a presenter for any group or event.  He has a broad range of content and is able to tailor his presentation to the audience.  Not only is David a great presenter but also he is a great person that you would be pleased to affiliate with your group or organization.”

Cindi Hereth – Director of Education, Restoration Industry Association

“David has the unique ability to quickly engage his audience and keep their attention. It’s not uncommon for audiences to “fade in and out” of a lecture presentation, but that doesn’t happen with David. David is hip when he “shoots” and shoots straight from the hip!  In addition to his compelling, yet easy-going story-telling style, he combines great music and excellent visuals tailored to your topic to bring everyone into the ‘scene.’  He listens. He engages. He tailors his message to your needs. He works WITH you.   I highly recommend David MacLean for your next speaking engagement.”

Bill Graham – President, Golden Rule Marketing and Event Planning

“I had the good fortune of witnessing my first David MacLean presentation called “Rallying the Troops” which delivered the basics of how to turn on staff and get them motivated. In today’s times, an energized employee is the KEY to making it. David’s message is invaluable for anyone that manages people. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious and his message is clear and concise. I strongly recommend this presentation.  I look forward to other presentations by David MacLean.”

Peter Crosa – Public Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Independent Claims Adjuster

“I’ve shared the podium with David on several national platforms and have been an eye-witness to his endearing appeal to audiences large and small.  His dynamic delivery guarantees a transforming clarity that bespeaks his passion for his topic and his audience.”

Michael Pinto – President, Wonder Makers Environmental

“David MacLean is a speaker with his own style and is not afraid to share it with others. His energy, wit, and enthusiasm enhance rather than mask his mastery of the subject matter.  In short, he delivers critical information in an understandable and enjoyable way. Anyone who listens to David will appreciate the experience at the time, but value the lessons long after the presentation is over.”

Warner Cruz – President, JC Restoration

“David is blessed with the gift of public speaking!  David’s ability to capture the audience with his intellectual humor, amazing ability to impersonate, and passion in his voice and facial expressions to deliver his message to the group is unforgettable.  I have witnessed David speak on several occasions and have cried and laughed throughout his presentations.  I am a big fan of David MacLean.”

Sam DeAth – President, Benefect

“I have had the absolute pleasure, twice now, of being in the audience to experience one of David’s presentations.  And I am thankful that I have not had the challenge of presenting AFTER David.  His approachable authenticity, clarity of thought & engaging energy make me want to catch him next time too.”

Dr. Birgit Weischedel – Faculty of Management, University of British Columbia

“David has never failed to inspire the students and teach them valuable real-world skills. His engaging attitude and focused advice help them relate what they learn to a career or future job tasks, and I always have numerous requests from the students to have him back or provide his contact information. His presentations are concise, entertaining and driven by his vast experience in the field.”

Chris Silliman – Owner, First Restoration Services

“David MacLean is a vibrant presenter.  His ability to get the message across by using his in-depth vocabulary and witty delivery makes for a high impact, high energy presentation.  I have personally known David for three years and have been in attendance at many of his presentations.  I also chose to have David come to my facility and speak to my staff because of the quality of his speaking skills.  From a large group to a small, intimate setting, David has complete control of his audiences.  I highly recommend David MacLean as a speaker and man of high integrity.”

Perla Barreda Vidal – LIBERTAD EN ACCION, México.

“In our country we face big challenges to overcome. Two of the most important are poverty and corruption caused by the absence of principles, responsibility and a selfish vision. David invited us to reflect about our terrorists – fears that destroy our lives and dreams, fear that blind us to see that true success is not to gain prizes but to help people around us. He invited us to stand on strong convictions and to embrace them in difficult times. Government, entrepreneurs, social leaders and students gathered to hear a message endorsed by acts. David’s is a very refreshing and encouraging message that dares us to change our world!”

Bradley Gay – Owner, CBB Trader

“David MacLean delivers the most powerful message a man can hear because his words come directly from his heart. His passion and vision are readily shared and easily captured by all who listen.”

John Brinkerhoff MD – Hope For The Nations, Mexico

“David’s presentation was truly superb. The content, manner, and even the interaction with the translator were all aspects that were a 10/10 in my books. Very captivating, and I will NEVER forget: “courage is not a skill; it is not an ability; it is a choice.” David not only stated it, but he demonstrated it. Well done.”

Bob Chong – Chartered Accountant

“As a CA and lawyer, I have attended numerous seminars and conferences over 40 years. David Maclean ranks up there at the top of my list of honest, interesting, passionate and effective speakers. I would recommend David as a key note speaker without any hesitation.”

Ben Nyland – President, Nyland Enterprises

“David has a unique ability to inspire both his audience and give them practical instruction on how to move forward in their lives. His blend of teaching and motivational gifts has impacted many people – I know he has had a significant effect on my own life.”

Stephen Davis – Entrepreneur

“I have heard David speak a number of times now and each time it has impacted me in a very profound way. I would encourage everyone who has an opportunity to hear David speak to do so – it will be a life-changing experience for those who hear.”

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