I invite you to join the awakening to live and lead wholeheartedly.


Shift from...

"What can you do for me?"


"What can I do for you?"

For many years my interactions with people were driven by one predominant question: “What can you do for me?”. This impacted every relationship in my life - family, friends, customers, and colleagues. And it worked - I was successful... for a while. Ultimately, however, this self-centered perspective on life did not yield good long-term results.

My wake-up call came over 30 years ago when my wife of seven years said to me, "My heart is dead to you. I hate you." Around the same time, my leadership mentor also confronted me and said, "You need help - it's all about you."

I began an intense journey of reflection, unlearning, and learning both personally and professionally. What I learned (and unlearned) in the years that followed transformed my leadership and my life. I shifted my perspective from “What can you do for me?” to “What can I do for you?". This new trajectory fundamentally changed the way I live and work.

I want to share the truths I learned and help you become your "Best Self" - to be awakened to live and lead wholeheartedly and understand that you are meant to be spent for the benefit of others.

My Mission My Promise 

I help leaders achieve a life of significance by discovering and applying the principles of wholehearted leadership. 

To truly love to lead.

I will open your eyes to see the "7 Commitments of Wholehearted Leaders". I will help you discover the "Pathway to Imprisonment" that has led to the "Strangler Figs of False Beliefs" that negatively impact every aspect of your leadership and life. I will then equip you to journey on the "Pathway to Freedom" to become the leader you aspire to be.

Join me on this journey of transformation.

Do you want more... impact, success, significance, hope and happiness?

I believe that you want to become your best self, to make a difference in your life, to create a positive legacy in the lives of others, to maximize your potential in life and leadership - to be truly alive!

To truly lead and live wholeheartedly!



David has awakened and equipped the hearts of leaders in 7 countries on 3 continents. He would love to partner with you to help transform your organization.


Wholehearted Leadership - Vol 1


Wholehearted Leadership is a collection of entertaining and engaging stories rich with transformational leadership and life lessons.


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About David MacLean


David is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and author. He currently serves as a chair for The Executive Committee Canada (TEC) where he equips CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and mid-level leaders to dare greatly in order to maximize their professional and personal growth. David is recognized as a “Master Chair” within the TEC community, has received the Red Shoes Award for outstanding creativity and innovation in the art of leading, teaches new TEC chairs in the TEC National Chair Academy, and speaks to TEC groups across Canada on Wholehearted Leadership.

Prior to TEC, after serving as a sports marketing specialist in the National Hockey League, David began his entrepreneurial journey by establishing MacLean Group Marketing, a full-service marketing agency, and MacLean Sports Marketing, which served the promotional needs of professional sports teams across North America. David’s agencies won numerous local, national, and international awards, including being ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada by Profit Magazine.

David and his wife Anne led their sons on a 2-year Global Educational Odyssey, travelling over 115,000 km, on over a dozen trips to over 100 destinations in 7 different countries. Their family adventure garnered national media attention and was the topic of David’s TEDx talk, Meant to be Spent.

David is passionate about facilitating an awakening of heart-based leadership, and speaks widely and writes extensively on the principles of Wholehearted Leadership.

My Mission!
My Promise!

I wholeheartedly lead so others can wholeheartedly live.
I help leaders achieve a life of significance by discovering and applying the principles of wholehearted leadership.
To truly love to lead.