“Engaging, extremely relevant, entertaining and on point to today’s leadership! David MacLean’s passionate delivery and message of how to create extraordinary results by unlocking the most valuable asset of leadership, the hearts of people and your own heart as a leader, is a must hear for all leaders. David is an incredible thought leader who is clearly a leader of leaders.”

Todd Millar – President of TEC Canada
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David MacLean - Keynote Speaker

David has enthused and equipped audiences around the world with his entertaining, engaging and innovative perspective. David provocatively and powerfully challenges the conventional wisdom of leadership and then envisions, inspires and equips people to create extraordinary connection and engagement with those they lead.

David's passion is to equip you to unlock your heart to become all that you were born to be - to become your best self for the benefit of others.

His high-energy presentations are filled with personal anecdotes and profound ideas that are practical and actionable, designed to motivate and inspire you to live and lead wholeheartedly.

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The HEART of a Leader - The 7 commitments of a Wholehearted Leader


The HEART of a Leader is about discovering the power of leading with HEART (Humility, Empathy, Authenticity, Risk, Tenacity), by inspiring and engaging your people for greater personal and corporate success. In this presentation participants will discover:

  • The power of leading with HEART
  • How to engage the hearts of your people
  • How to create a powerful competitive advantage for your business
  • The 7 commitments of a wholehearted leader
  • The 2 foundations great leadership is built upon
  • The definition of “Leadership”
  • The underlying philosophy of great leadership


The Strangler Figs of False Beliefs - How to get free from the lies that bind you


Using the story of the Costa Rican Strangler Fig tree, David will help you discover the false beliefs that keep you from becoming all that you can be. In this presentation participants will discover:

  • The "Pathway to Imprisonment".
  • The nature of the Strangler Figs of False beliefs that limit your potential.
  • The "Pathway to Freedom" you can walk to become your best self to live and lead wholeheartedly.

What people are saying about David & the Wholehearted Leadership message:


"That was the most powerful presentation I have ever seen..."
"You moved me in a way I never been moved before..."
"That was the most valuable 3 hours I have ever spent..."
"I thought you were full of sh#t when you told us you wanted to change our lives - and then you changed my life..."
“David’s input in my life has been transformational. He is one of the reasons we have been so successful.”
"David doesn’t just deliver the message, he IS the message! David oozes authenticity."
“David's ability to practice what he preaches was truly magnetic."
"David is energized and inspiring; a "must see" for all who want to live their life with heart."
"David's passion and enthusiasm is magnetic and his speech has been resounding in my head since I heard it."
"He clearly was able to connect with the audience in a way that goes beyond a speech."
"David’s energy, whit, presence and passion captivated the audience, and his content provided leadership learning’s they could immediately apply to their businesses."
"What an impact David made – he hit it out of the park. Our members had never seen a presentation like it before."
"David MacLean is the most highly gifted teacher I have ever had the privilege to know. His presentation helped change my life.”

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