“David’s passion and demonstration of heartfelt leadership are awe-inspiring. His Leading with HEART talk was not only a masterful presentation, it was a life-changing experience."

Dr. Michaelle Knight – Vistage Worldwide, Director of Learning and Development



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Over the last few years, David has spoken exclusively to groups of CEOs, entrepreneurs, senior executives and mid-level leaders in The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada leadership development groups.


Each of these groups is led by a TEC Chair.


Here is what a number of these "leaders of leaders" have to say about David's presentations:


What people have said about David's message:


"That was the most powerful presentation I have ever seen..."

"You moved me in a way I never been moved before..."

"That was the most valuable 3 hours I have ever spent..."

"I thought you were full of sh#t when you told us you wanted to change our lives - and then you changed my life..."

“David’s input in my life has been transformational. He is one of the reasons we have been so successful.”

"David doesn’t just deliver the message, he IS the message! David oozes authenticity."

“David's ability to practice what he preaches was truly magnetic."

"David is energized and inspiring; a "must see" for all who want to live their life with heart."

"David's passion and enthusiasm is magnetic and his speech has been resounding in my head since I heard it."

"He clearly was able to connect with the audience in a way that goes beyond a speech."

"David’s energy, whit, presence and passion captivated the audience, and his content provided leadership learning’s they could immediately apply to their businesses."

"What an impact David made – he hit it out of the park. Our members had never seen a presentation like it before."

"David MacLean is the most highly gifted teacher I have ever had the privilege to know. His presentation helped change my life.”

Todd Millar –
CEO The Executive Committe Canada (TEC)

"David MacLean's message is a must hear for all leaders. David is an incredible thought leader who is clearly a leader of leaders.”

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